Ask the Expert

Double down for credit safety
Are you waffling on credit monitoring? Get the inside scoop from CyberScout fraud resolution center team leader Brett Montgomery.

Reducing your company's vulnerability to cyberattack and breaches
Safeguard your company against cybercrime with these tips from forensic technology expert Kim Peretti, who successfully prosecuted the largest hacking case in the U.S.

Holiday shopping online?
Don't get caught with your firewalls down
Online shopping is easy, but it puts your identity and finances at risk. Learn how to stay safe from Ondrej Krehel, chief information security officer at CyberScout.

Feeling compromised?
Stay alert to protect personal data
Your personal information was exposed in a data breach—what now? First, don’t panic. Then, follow these steps from CyberScout Chief Privacy Officer Eduard Goodman.

Q&A: Family fraud
When your identity is stolen by someone you love and trust, the betrayal hurts. But, says Vicki Volkert, CyberScout fraud resolution expert, you have to put aside the feelings and protect yourself from further harm.


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